the-stomping-ground asked:

since I don't want to overload you with Lor'themar pic ideas, here's a couple to muse over! First is a pouting Lor'themar being forced to endure Salandria braiding his hair while Liadrin looks on smugly, there's a reason he says "DO. Not. Touch the hair." in game to players. And the other is Lor'themar being forced to dance at Horde Ladies night and Liadrin is throwing dollars at him or pelting him with gold pieces lol

benchflip answered:

That salandria one… Secret softspot for preserving the child’s hard work! NO! MY HEART! NNNGH

and if it helps, I have drawn an image… soooorta like the one you described, just without the dancing and coin throwing!

Here it is!

1.It would be a perfect chance for Dad’themar lol

2. I remember that one!

I love my OTP

Legend of Korra Hiatus??????

So within the last few hours there have been several reports claiming that A) only 1 episode of LoK will be aired this week and B) LoK is going on a unknown long hiatus with only 5 episodes in the season left to go.

So yeah.

Now according to most TV guide channels it appears that LoK is still scheduled to air two episodes this week and then the final four episodes the next two weeks.

So right now a lot of the Fandom is going loco and right fully so. Book III to me has been pretty stellar…but at the same time the ratings haven’t been too good. Personally I put that on Nick’s hands. Because they’ve done a pretty shitty job on marketing the show.

Now the good thing for us is A) Bryke are very active in social media so I imagine they’ll put forth something to say about this soon and B) LoK has a comic-con panel on Friday…where I have no doubt this question will be answered.

Time to play the waiting game.