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gpack3 asked:

Please start a "Bromo Superior" on-going. But maybe take another pass on the name.


But the name is the best part!

Indeed! Half the fun of "Bromo-Superior" is in the name and all the fun satire/lampooning you can do with “Bro” culture.

Or you could use it as a vehicle for my “Neo Dudebroism” Manifesto and show the world that Bros are not the scum of the earth.

In which Dick becomes Bucky



Advance solicit • On sale SEPTEMBER 3
32 pg, FC • RATED T
3-D Motion Edition: $3.99 US
2-D Standard Edition: $2.99 US

Branded a traitor, Dick Grayson has become the most powerful hero in the newly resurgent and dominant Mother Russia – and now, he must battle the Beast from the East in one final struggle for supremacy!

Winter Wing?

Is this for real?

For Real Real. Not for play play.

I am now thinking of Dick in Natasha’s BW outfit with Bucky’s Metal arm with a red nightwing logo on it instead of the star.

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